Who am I ?

I have always liked « painting colors » as one paints the times of one’s Life. Along my way, I have come across people and countries, who have inspired and taught me techniques such as watercolor, oil, acrylic painting, mixed techniques, … These people have recognized my wish to paint and have given me confidence. I thank them very much ! As time goes by, painting has become a source of freedom for me, a way to travel and to go beyond. Beyond what one can see, beyond myself.
Each technique brings me a different kind of pleasure : the delicacy of watercolor, its “play” with water, the depth of oil colors, and the light which stands out, the blend of acrylic colors and mediums, the material effect that I like sculpting. Each canvas is then an invitation for a new experience, which is nutured upon the mixture of these techniques. My primary intention is the feeling expressed in color, medium, in depth and in light.
Today I wish to be able to “share the vision” with people who come across me on their way…

Delphine Lemaître-Auger

April 2014
Introduction Course of India Wash Drawing, led by Jhycheng Wu, Okinawa Shaolin Centre, Lyon, France

April 2014
Personal Follow-up and Training course of Beer Glaze, Blandine Mulliez Studio, Paris,France

September 2012
Training course of Oil Glaze ; Blandine Mulliez Studio, Paris, France

May 2012
Training course of Abstract Painting ; UTERUM Painting School, Montreal, Canada. Teacher : Véronique Tiffo.

Abstract Painting Class ; UTERUM Painting School, Montreal, Canada. Teacher : Milena Doncheva.

Private Class of Figurative Watercolor and Oil Paintings, Alain Locolas Studio, Bourg-les-Valence, France

In the press
– July 2018 - Setting-up and presidency of the Association "Printemps des Arts, Malissard, France
– 2017 Les Chromalies at Guilherand-Granges
– 2016 Collective Exhibition at "Le Groupe des 9", Valence
– 2015 Exhibition at CPM – Fort D’Art Association, Romans, France
– 2013 Exhibition at Piano Crozes Stores, Guilherand-Granges, France
– 2014 Exhibition at CPM – Fort D’Art Association, Romans, France
– 2001 Exhibition at the bookstore “Librairie Lafontaine”, Valence, France
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September 2021, 17th and 18th Cancelled
Collective Exhibition, Palais Delphinal, Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, France

September 2021, 4th and 5th
Festival « L’Art est dans la rue », Luxeuil-les-Bains, France

From July, 2d to August, 29th 2021
Collective Exhibition « 5 women/4 seasons », Léoncel Abbey, Léoncel, France

From June, 28th to July, 4th 2021
Collective Exhibition « Mixing of Arts » Salle de la Tourrette, Tournon, France

December 2020, from 14th to 20th Rescheduled
Collective Exhibition Arts Pluriels, Salle des Clercs, Valence, France

November 2020, from 23th to 29th Rescheduled
Collective Exhibition, Hôtel de la Tourette, Tournon, France

October 2020, from 6th to November 6th
Exhibition to Assadia, Place de la Pierre, Valence, France

October 2020, from 2d to 4th
Collective Exhibition, Salle Tour de Diane, La Roche de Glun, France

November 2019, from 4th to 10th
Collective Exhibition Arts Cultures Couleurs
Special Guest, Contest of the 12th Festival of Creations 2019
in Salle des Clercs, Valence, France.

12th and 13th October 2019
Le Chemin des Peintres, Alixan, France.

16th July 2019
Collective Exhibition A4H (Art For Human), Paris, France.

July- August 2019
Festival "Les Papillons", Carpentras, France.

May 2019, from 11th to 25th
Collective Exhibition Fort D'Art, in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

February 2019 ,from the 19th to March the 2d.
Collective exhibition LeProjet37 - Remaid 26, in Espace Jeanne de Flandreysy, Valence, France.

September 2018 from the 1rst to November the 31th 2018.
Collective Exhibition in Art D'Coupes, Malissard, France.

May 2018, from 26th to 9th June
Collective Exhibition Fort D'Art, in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

May 2017, from 5th to 20th,
Collective Exhibition Le Printemps des Arts, Festival Hall in Malissard, France.

April 2018, from 6th to 8th,
European Days of Arts Professionals (JEMA) by Magali Desbouit, Mosaic Artist, Chante Pierre Studio in Malissard, France.

May 2017, from 5th to 20th,
Collective Exhibition in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

April 2017, the 21th to th 24th,
14th Biennal of the Chromalies, Collective Exhibition, Lions Club Valence Dauphin,
Agora Room, Guilherand-Granges, France.

November 2016, the 15th to December 2016, the 15th
Collective Exhibition "Groupe des 9" in Espace Jeanne de Flandreysy, Square Charles Aznavour, Valence, France.

May 2017, from 5th to 20th,
Collective Exhibition in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

April 2016, from 30th to May 2016, to 14th
Collective Exhibition in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

May 2015, from 23th to June 2015, to 6th
Collective Exhibition in CMP Romans sur Isère, France.

November 2014, from 4th to January 2015, 31th
Private Exhibition, Société Générale Private Banking, Lyon, France.

May 2014,from 17th to 31th
Collective Exhibition in CMP Romans-sur-Isère,France.

February 2014
Member of Fort D’Art Association, Romans-sur-Isère, France.

June 2013
Collective exhibition in « Hall du Piano », Guilherand-Granges, France.

May 2011
Collective exhibition in “Chez Baptiste”, Montreal, Canada.

May 2001
Exhibition to Librairie Lafontaine, Valence, France.